Data Visual BI Tools
Free and simple, no BI experiences needed.
Based on artificial intelligence recognition algorithms,
even point and click are not required.
We have prepared everything you need for BI
Easy to Use
Automatically identify data structure, just import data file or database table, no configuration required
Beautiful Templates
Predefined templates help creating beautiful dashboards with no experience.
Multiple Import Formats
Import your data in any format, such as Excel, CSV, TXT, Databases and Web Applications
Support Styling
Background Image, Color, Border, Shadow and other styles
Scheduled refresh
Schedule data refresh Minutely, Hourly, Daily. Monitor the latest data in real time.
Interesting Widgets besides Charts
We provide more power widgets along with major charts to make dashboard richer.
Embeding API
Integrate your chart any where through our API.
Data Processing
Merge Fields, Find and Replace, Add Prefix, Add Suffix, Remove HTML Tags, Regular Expression, etc.